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The Last of the Light Book

The Last of the Light Book

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“… a moving and beautiful book … I read it right through in one sitting … [the] short stories have the immediacy of direct reporting – a most convincing achievement. This book is beautifully produced, with some really outstanding and evocative photography.” Michael Viney (Irish Times contributor, broadcaster, film-maker and natural-history author)

“Marvelous word works … writes with real power.” - Thomas Lynch (poet & essayist)

A book of night notes, memories, short stories and images from the Loop Head peninsula.

Beautifully produced, this hardback book is covered in a linen-like texture with a raw, embossed motif that echoes throughout. It has a striking, visually discreet logo and a flow of silky, pleasurable pages.

(Hardback, 120 pages, 28 colour images.)

Steeped in the images, textures, characters and lore of the Loop Head peninsula, The Last of the Light is a book like no other.

Filled with stories and meditations that are carefully crafted from a lived experience of this special area, along with prose poems lyrically drawn from the shadowlands of memory, this makes it stand apart. The personal and the historical are mixed amongst its deep currents. It reads, in parts, like a hymn to a holy place. It reads, too, as a  document of identity, a search for authentic living, and an ode to the giving power of the wild.

It is also a testament to the enduring bond of brotherhood, as beneath the pieces flows a quiet, submerged narrative; a minor chord of loss for an absent brother, whose light still lingers everywhere.

You will find it hard to put down, and it will echo in your heart for a long time after.


Beautifully produced, this hardback is covered in a linen-like texture, with a raw, embossed motif that echoes throughout the book. It has a striking, visually discreet logo, and a flow of silky, pleasurable pages.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
You have chosen an excellent title for the publication

The Last of the Light is a fabulous publication, very well written.

The author transports the reader to share with him in his journey where at times experiences and reminiscences converge.

I am enjoying every page as it transports me back to the Loop Head Peninsula where I was born and reared.

I feel that The Last of the Light is a must have publication for everybody with connections to the Loop Head Peninsula.

Paula Spillane
The Last of the Light

Dixie Collins West Clare currach club read In Mid -Air on the pier at Kilkee on our return from a currach row as guests from Cork who had attended the cruinniú the previous day. The hospitality continued with a swim at The Pollock Holes.
Marc Ó Riain's words stayed with me long after I listened to his friend reading them.
It's a most beautiful book in every way. The feeling behind the words stay and stay.

Katie Clooney-Gainey

It's a beautiful book, both in content and design. I'm enjoying it, taking it slowly as it deserves. BTW it's Pauline, not Katie.

Mark Lynch
The. Last of the light. Book

I have given this book to a friend as a present. So I cannot give you an opinion now.

Donna Cox
The Last of the Light

It's such a beautiful book. This is the second edition I've bought as a gift as I think it's just a gorgeous book, from the photos, to the stories, it transport you to another time and place. Highly recommend

Marc O Riain Author

Marc Ó Riain

A native of Kilkee, Co. Clare, Marc Ó Riain’s work has been published in the Sunday Tribune, Southword, The Galway Review, and the anthology Abandoned Darlings.

His fiction has been shortlisted for a Hennessy New Irish Writing Award and his poetry for the Gregory O’Donoghue International Poetry Prize.